Brindle & Glass Wins City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

The Victoria Book Prize Society announced the winners for the 2015 Victoria Book Prizes at an awards gala hosted by Robyn Burns. Victoria's Poet Laureate Yvonne Blomer opened the evening with readings from her recent works, including As If A Raven from Palimpsest Press.

But the big moment of the evening was when Acting Mayor Chris Coleman and event sponsor Brian Bulter presented Julie Paul with the City of Victoria Bulter Book Prize for her short story collection The Pull of the Moon, published by local LPG member Brindle & Glass. In these 12 unsettling short stories, Paul explores the relationships between friends, family, and lovers and examines what happens when secrets are kept and then revealed.

For more information about the awards and to view a full list of the winners, please visit the City of Victoria website.