In House: Insomniac Press

Far from publishing books on sleep disorders, London, Ontario’s Insomniac Press likes to say that “our books are so good that they'll keep you up at night, reading till the sun comes up.” Publishing a wide variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and self-help books since 1992, Insomniac routinely pushes the boundaries of what books can be: unique voices are the common denominator across all their titles.

Beginning as a poetry chapbook house, Insomniac has expanded into niches with very different audiences: gay mysteries (like the Russell Quant mysteries from Anthony Bidulka and Liz Bugg’s lesbian PI, Calli Barnow), celebrity writer-as-musician books (including titles by Matthew Good, Jann Arden, and Terri Clark) and a hugely successful personal finance series. All of these niches have devoted followings and heaps of acclaim.

But; Insomniac’s poetry roots are never far from the present-day, either. Their storied past of launching the careers of celebrated poets like Natalee Caple and A.F. Moritz has parlayed into a present cadre of brilliant, innovative, young poets who publish with the press. From Dina del Bucchia’s celebrity-laden Blind Items to Natalie Zina-Walschots’ DOOM: Love Poems for Supervillans, Insominac provides CanLit with a serious (and sometimes much-needed!) jolt of personality.

Stay up all night with an Insomniac Book – you won’t be disappointed.

(But don’t blame us in the morning).