Besner & Coles Receive Writers' Trust 5 x 5 Awards

The Writers' Trust recently announced the winners of a one-time prize for emerging writers, "Five x Five." Through the RBC Emerging Artists Project, five previous Writers' Trust award honourees each selected an emerging artist that have either publisher a debut novel or collection or have published work with a literary magazine that they feel have the potential to become the next CanLit superstars.

We'd like to congratulat Linda Besner and Megan Gail Coles on being selected by Ken Babstock and Michael Crummey, respectively.

Besner published The Id Kid with Vehicule Press in 2011. A collection of poetry about appetites, it is filled with linguistic play and the results are beautiful.

Coles published Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome with Creative Book Publishing in 2014. A collection of stories filled with complex characters all exploring the ideas of consumption and starvation, Eating Habits is sardonic and humourous. 

For more information on the Writers' Trust and to see a full list of the Five x Five winners, please visit the Writers' Trust website.