In House: Seraphim Editions

Maureen Whyte started Seraphim Editions in 1994 in Toronto. Determined to succeed, she sold her piano and secured a small loan.

The first submission came from neighbour Steve McCabe who arrived at her door with a box of notes, poems and sketches. Steve’s book Wyatt Earp In Dallas: 1963 was published in 1995 and a small press was born.


Seraphim publishes emerging and established authors from across Canada. The press has also published prison inmates and parolees, former MP’s and Nobel Peace Prize nominees. It has been our great privilege to work with so many diverse voices.

In 2009, Seraphim published Bloody Harvest: The Killing Of Falun Gong For Their Organs by David Kilgour and David Matas which was later banned in Russia and China. Seraphim followed up with the publication of State Organs: Transplant Abuse In China edited by David Matas and Dr. Torsten Trey of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH).  In 2015, Flying Cloud Productions, based in Vancouver, won the prestigious Peabody – the U.S. media prize awarded for distinguished or meritorious public service for their film Human Harvest based on Bloody Harvest. Unfortunately, China still harvests prisoners of conscience for profit in state-run hospitals and sells organs internationally.

Seraphim owes a great debt to editors (past and present) Allan Briesmaster, George Down, Robert Priest, Kerry Schooley, Bernadette Rule and Kathryn McKeen who the publisher refers to as the “quality control department”. To complete the team, designers Bernard Kelly, Sue Becker, Julie McNeill and Rolf Busch have provided their unique talents and infinite patience. Without them the press would not have survived.

Seraphim is currently located in the Arts & Entertainment District in downtown Niagara Falls. In 2015, Mary Ivans joined the team as Associate Publisher. Maureen Whyte plans to retire in December 2016, leaving Seraphim in the capable hands of her daughter.