It is with profound sadness that we share news of the passing of publisher Gord Shillingford on January 25th, after a brief battle with cancer. 

Based in Gibsons, BC, Nightwood Editions is committed to publishing and promoting poetry and fiction from talented, emerging writers all across Canada.

Founded in 2006, Toronto’s Quattro Books publishes works outstanding literary merit from both new and established authors.

Writer and editor Kimmy Beach said recently of

Mawenzi House has only recently gone by the name “Mawenzi House” – prior to a name change earlier in 2015, the press was known as TSAR Publications, and it

Established in 2006, BookLand Press focuses on literary excellence and the great values and diversity of Canada.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Bayeux Arts began publishing in 1994. Its name was chosen to highlight the importance of the artistic nature of the books selected by the press for publication.

The Goddess Inanna was the most prominent female deity of ancient Mesopotamia: her vast dominion included the domains of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust.

With a whopping over-500 titles in print, Vancouver’s Talonbooks has been publishing one of the finest and most diverse literary lists in Canada for over 50 years.

Theytus Books is the first and oldest Indigenous Publishing house in Canada.