The Goddess Inanna was the most prominent female deity of ancient Mesopotamia: her vast dominion included the domains of Love, Wisdom, War, Fertility and Lust.

With a whopping over-500 titles in print, Vancouver’s Talonbooks has been publishing one of the finest and most diverse literary lists in Canada for over 50 years.

Theytus Books is the first and oldest Indigenous Publishing house in Canada.

J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing wasn’t the first publishing venture for Saskatchewan native Gord Shillingford.

Signature Editions began its publishing career under the name of Nuage Editions in 1986. As a 16-person collective based in Montreal, Nuage published two to four books a year for the next several years.

“You’re dreaming the book, the tangible, tactile object. You haven’t heard yet of perfect binding, of dingbats, of saddle stitching, Corel, Ventura, fulfillment, or financial statements.

Tightrope Books celebrated 10 years and plenty of works of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and YA this year.

BuschekBooks is an Ottawa-based press that has a strong focus on poetry, though they have published fiction and non-fiction in the past.

The University of Alberta founded the Banff Centre in 1933, with help from the Carnegie Foundation.

The Quebec Writers’ Federation announced the winners for their 2015 awards on November 18th at gala event in Montreal.